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Disrupt the Industry – Apply now to FashTech Pioneer

CFE is pleased to announce the opening of our FashTech Pioneer Programme.

The programme provides six months of bespoke business support to fashion technology entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the industry. To qualify for the programme businesses need to:

  • Are operating in a London Borough
  • Have been operating for a minimum of 6 months
  • Have the potential to disrupt existing industry models
  • Are actively looking for early-stage investment

Current FashTech Pioneers on our programme are Doppelhaus, Glitzbox, Save Your Wardrobe, Shopest, Teggnet and Petit Pli.

For further information on the programme and to download the application form please see:

FashTech Pioneer

Application deadline: 9th April 2018
Start date: May 2018

2 Responses to “Disrupt the Industry – Apply now to FashTech Pioneer”

  1. Alex Erinle says:


    Scizzor is an app for making clothes. We connect users to great designs, rare fabric and talented service providers. I heard about he fash tech pioneer programme and I’m emailing to find out how we can participate.

    Kind Regards,


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