DESIGNERS alumni The Lingerie Lab


The Lingerie Lab (LL) is a marketplace that curates, and aid discovery for intimates, in an online boutique shopping experience.

Women are looking to make intimates shopping a better and more personalized experience. The Lingerie Lab gives a space for women to express themselves and satisfy their love for individuality through fashionable under things. Individual size recommendations are given to users, by utilizing technology, data and community to provide each women with a personalized style feed to dramatically enhance their online intimates shopping experience.

All at the same time, The Lingerie Lab helps independent, small and medium intimate designers to reach a broader audience and be part of a community where their stories matter.

The Lingerie Lab has been part of our CFE FrontRow Fash-Tech Programme since April 2015.

“Being part of the CFE Fash-Tech program was an excellent experience and tremendously helped the growth and development of my business. The mentors are not only experienced, but they are carrying. I was working along side motivated and talented new entrepreneurs and made life-long friends on the way.”
– Milicent Elvis, The Lingerie Lab Founder.




Twitter:  @lingerielab
Instagram: @lingerielab