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SOE Jakarta is born out of a love affair with hand woven textile and an ode to classic timeless style. Most of the pieces in SOE Jakarta’s debut collection are cut using fabrics developed after hours of discussion with weavers from different parts of the country who create beautiful fabrics on traditional looms, including the labour intensive back-strap loom. Her creations are inspired by those patterns and textures and her fascination with sportswear and contemporary arts.

“By entering CFE Mentorship Program, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to do something different – celebrating Indonesian handwoven textiles. The birth of SOE Jakarta was triggered through the lengthy yet fruitful discussion we had with our mentors, Sanjeev and Angela. The program helped us to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone, enabling us to widen our horizon. The business of fashion is not only about the beautiful designs and finishings, but a whole lot to do with how to sustain the business and have a strong brand DNA as a differentiator in the market. This program did that for us.” – SOE Jakarta




Instagram: @soe_jakarta