DESIGNERS alumni Seekers of Design (SODS)

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SEEKERS OF DESIGN LIMITED is a business-to-consumer marketplace hosting independent art, homeware and fashion designers. The SODS platform is the first in the market to monetise a designer’s complete seasonal cycle – from the trade show (commercial) collections to launching it to the public. SODS offer consumers a unique curation of  products and virtual experiences to create a dopamine-fueled shopping experience that is viral, interactive and hyper social.

SODS is disrupting the trade show landscape, by introducing B2C technology to a traditional B2B sector. Vetted members can virtually browse and pre-order items from established trade shows using the latest Virtual Reality technology or shop for readily available items in their retail section. The platform caters to local and international designers, prestigious universities and established trade shows. Designers have direct communication with their customers and a user friendly sales execution platform complete with invoicing and logistics.

SODS already count 60 international designers who are actively using the platform, with Vivienne Westwood as their most recent signing.




Twitter: @wearesods
Facebook: /sodslondon
Instagram: @seekers_of_design