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Rêves Studio is an Indonesian-based Women’s ready-to-wear. Rêves, pronounced /ʁɛv/, means dream in French.

The business started from the idea of clothes that they would want to wear and see on themselves: Classic, Sophisticated and Knowledgeable. This was then developed into clothes that anyone would want to wear, a woman’s ideal of clothing that would make her feel transformed and confident when she wears them.

Rêves Studio is a strong representation of modern femininity finding the balance between detail and simplicity in each garment. By this, they aim to introduce their own term on Power Dressing, where they see this new clothing style as a way to represent women and their professions, at the same time, enclosing their self-esteem and confidence.

Established in early 2016, Rêves Studio provides clothing for urban women who want to look sharp, unique yet modern. Asymmetrical design, details, textured fabrics; clean lines and tailoring became the main DNA of Rêves Studio as a Ready-to-wear line.

“We are looking forward to learning about the fashion industry in every aspect from the business side to the creative side in order to grow our label. Aside from that, we’re hoping CFE can help us promote and introduce us to the right market and support our vision to be an International recognized fashion brand.” – Rêves Studio



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Instagram: @revesstudio
Twitter: @reves_studio