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Ellyhan Jewelry is a collection of exquisite, luxury, handmade jewellery. Made from a selected genuine pearls from Indonesia, each piece is intricately designed and hand-crafted by the designer, whose entire lineage has been pearl artisans.

“Looking back prior to joining the Indonesia Fashion Forward programme, I was always thinking of how to expand my label as well as my fashion business.

Then, I met the Centre for Fashion Enterprise mentors. These people really know what they are doing. Indeed, they are helpful with their advice, knowledge, feedback and suggestions, and I know that every one of us wants to go into the global fashion market, but the real thing is that they have successfully changed my designer mindset into a wider one. Clearly, not only has CFE raised me to the next level, it has also enlightened me to think beyond the design itself, to view the brand as a means to express myself through my jewelry pieces.” – Lia Ellyhan




Instagram: @ellyhanjewelry