DESIGNERS Jewellery-Pioneer Elixir


Through luxury jewellery and accessories Elixir brings an urbane aesthetic to an increasingly fine jewellery dominated fashion industry. Unconcerned by the monetary value of precious materials, the value of Elixir’s jewellery is acquired instead through the identity, confidence and sass of the wearer.

Trained at the Royal College of Art, Kali draws on her awareness of current technological advances in the jewellery industry such as 3D modelling and printing, to create vanguard jewellery and accessories that speak to those who dress for the night. Each collection, born from the streets of South London, explores often overlooked urban detailing and real street styling, reinventing these concepts to offer fresh, young, yet luxurious pieces perfect for all the club kids and young-at-heart city workers out there.

Each piece is designed in the Elixir studio, located in one of the few remaining grittier parts of South London. Using a combination of in house skills and techniques as well as outsourcing more specialist processes to well-known and respected manufacturers, each piece is respectfully crafted to utilise both hand and technological processes.

I’m thrilled to be offered a place on the Jewellery Pioneer programme and excited for the exposure the programme will offer Elixir.” – Kali Ratcliffe, Elixir




Instagram: @kali.elixir