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Danjyo Hiyoji is a Jakarta-based fashion label led by PT. Danjyo Cipta Rega Pratama. It is a fast-paced design company specializing in streetwear for both men and women. Danjyo Hiyoji was established in 2009 by Dana Maulana and Liza Masitha to meet the youth market’s constantly changing needs for on-trend fashion pieces every season.

Danjyo Hiyoji constantly explores modern youth spirit of each individual. Their goal is to boost the confidence of the new generations with their own unique characteristic. The brand has been awarded The Most Innovative Local Brand in Cleo Indonesia Fashion Award, 2009, Label of the Year 2010 by ELLE Indonesia Magazine, Ready-to-wear Brand Award 2012 by Instyle Indonesia Magazine, Best Menswear 2016 (Local Brand) by Men’s Health Indonesia, and Fashion Brand Icon for Kuningan City Ikonography Awards 2017.




Instagram: @danjyohiyoji

Twitter: @DanjyoHiyoji