DESIGNERS alumni Chicmi


Chicmi is changing the way that London’s fashion stores communicate with local shoppers and tourists. With Chicmi’s free app, fashion lovers can see which sales, in-store events, sample sales and fashion events are happening around them, wherever they are in the city.

Available in both English and Mandarin, Chicmi is already the most popular fashion app for Chinese tourists in London, and has London’s biggest collection of sample sales and fashion events!

Chicmi was part of our CFE FrontRow Fash-Tech Programme from April 2015 – July 2015.

“CFE connected us with an amazing range of business experts who provided us with new angles on our product and audience. This new direction helped us to refine what we do and how to go to market.” – Jamie Brown, Chicmi Founder.




Twitter:  @chicmiapp
Facebook: pages/chicmiapp