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Byo is a fashion accessories brand focused on creating wearable experimental objects. Our mission is to distill the aesthetics of the future and showcasing the relevant ones to the present. We explore the boundaries of materials, shapes, and concept while maintaining the purpose and functionality of the finished product.

The designer is Tommy Ambiyo Tedji. An Industrial Designer who believes that good design (other than fulfilling its main function) deserves maximum exposure. It should be used as a mean of every individual’s expression of self. It should be carried or worn for people to see. That description of what he wants to make is more commonly known as fashion accessories. He is heavily influenced by fantasy and science fiction, giving his designs a sense of futuristic aesthetic.

“I have gained valuable technical knowledge & affirming guidance that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. The brand’s weaknesses and strengths are analyzed by experienced opinions that leads to more confident decision making in my part. I’m very grateful to the CFE.” – Byo




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