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Bateeq have a mission to coalesce Indonesia’s cultural heritage with modern style. Using the ancient Indonesian tradition of Batik, they continue to innovate with batik fabrics, with special attention paid to various aspects such as colour schemes, unique motifs inspired by Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, and current fashion trends. They give priority to ensuring the perfection of their motifs, sewing, fitting and display shops. Comprised of more than 200 experienced employees, Bateeq strive to meet their customers’ expectations.

“The IFA/ CFE program has helped us tremendously in gaining insights into new ideas that can be implemented to improve our business and brand. The program has also challenged my team to improve and perfect their skills and abilities for product conception, R&D, as well as project execution.

We are grateful to be a part of this great program and for the invaluable knowledge gained from this experience.” – Bateeq




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