DESIGNERS alumni Alt. [a lovely thing]


Measured by nationality of the buyer, China is the world’s largest luxury/fashion market and it also recently surpassed the US to become the number one e-commerce market.

While China is an expansive market with many opportunities, it is also very complex and competitive. There is a need for local knowledge and a product selection that caters to the local taste.

alt. [ a lovely thing ] is an online informative and e-commerce platform that connects European fashion and lifestyle brands with Chinese speaking customers.

It’s the first platform of its kind that features the most comprehensive portfolio of European brands in the Chinese market. Through our bi-lingual, English and Chinese, website, mobile app and social media channels, Chinese consumers can not only buy lovely products, but also can explore brands that were previously unattainable for them.

Alt. [a lovely thing] was part of our CFE FrontRow Fash-Tech Programme from April 2015 – July 2015.

“The variety of topics covered in the programme and the in-depth knowledge of the inspiring mentors makes this Fash-Tech Programme stand out from other start-up support programmes. We fully endorse other fashion-tech companies to apply for this truly exciting CFE programme and it certainly has helped us to progress as a start-up.” – Christiaan Eisberg, Alt. [a lovely thing] Co-Founder.