Leila Hill 2

With a background in organising programmes and running workshops within the Further and Higher Educational sector, Leila joined CFE in May 2016 as the Programme and Applications Administrator. Leila has previously collaborated with various delivery partners to create and produceĀ events and exhibitions that have promoted working relationships to enhance training and professional development.

Leila has extensive experience of working on various start-up projects including a placement project that guided over 300 undergraduates, in their final year, to seek internships that developed their skills and interests. In partnership with governmental departments and academics, she successfully devised a strategy to deliver this programme. As a result, the interns secured gainful employment within the organisations and the experience increased their employability.

Leila is also passionate about textiles and furnishings. In her free time, she enjoys restoring furniture andĀ is inspired to give a new lease of life to something that may be overlooked by others.


  • Planning
  • Networking
  • Event Organising