ABOUT TEAM Ishwari Thopte

Ishwari Thopte 2

Ishwari joined CFE in 2011 and quickly cemented her position as the social media officer. Over the years, Ishwari’s role has evolved from focusing on social media marketing and managing all marketing communications for CFE and FIA, to project managing and co-coordinating the pilot CFE FrontRow Fash-Tech programme in 2015. Following on the success of the pilot programme, Ishwari was appointed as the Fashion Tech Project Officer on the new FTEF project in April 2016.

A native English speaker, Ishwari also speaks fluent Hindi and basic German. She has a BA in Fashion Design and a Distinction in MA Design Management from LCF. Over the last 10 years, she has worked with various different businesses in Asia, North America and Europe, with roles ranging from senior designer, fashion stylist and sales manager to digital media management, event organisation, strategic marketing and community builder.

Ishwari has written and presented research projects for LCF and CFE, at the EAMI ‘Managing in a Global Economy’ conference in 2011 and published a paper in the International Journal of Strategic Alliances in 2014.

When she is not busy planning or speaking at events, networking with key delegates or tweeting from fashion weeks, Ishwari enjoys freelance writing for fashion & lifestyle as well as guest blogging, where she talks about her various adventures as a passionate traveler with a special love for the countryside.


  • Fashion Tech community building
  • Digital marketing and communications
  • Event planning and management
  • Networking and key relationship building


LinkedIn: /ishwarithopte
Twitter: @ishwarithopte
Instagram: @nomadic_princess